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the Last Ten Pounds
Programs and Services
    • Available through on-site programs conducted in different locations ($360) or individually ($540).
    • Baseline assessment and individual success strategy report
    • Prioritize focus areas (exercise, nutrition, knowledge and compliance)
    • Gap analysis: Pinpoint weak areas of knowledge and habits
    • Sample exercise and nutrition programs
    • Interaction with Lean for a Lifetime Instructors to keep you involved, to provide accountability, and to offer assistance if you get stuck.
    • Regular progress checks
    • Access to Lean for a Lifetime message board
    • Help developing customized exercise and nutrition programs
    • Post program questionnaire and individual progress report
    • One on one support from Lean for a Lifetime instructors (for additional charge)
    • Six interactive presentations (see below)

    Lesson Topics for Lifestyle Program and Seminars

      • Week 1
        • Why active people need different strategies for bodyfat reduction
        • Self-Talk, Reframing, and Motivation
        • 10 Commandments of Lean for a Lifetime
        • Program Overview
        • Week 1 Goals
      • Week 2
        • Week 1 Review and Q&A
        • Visualization
        • Eating to feed your muscle cells, but not your fat cells
        • Exercise: Naturally changing your body chemistry
        • Week 2 Goals
      • Week 3
        • Week 2 Review and Q&A
        • Eating a low fat diet
        • Raising your resting metabolic rate
        • Week 3 Goals
      • Week 4
        • Week 3 Review and Q&A
        • Managing Hunger and Satiety
        • Week 4 Goals
      • Week 5
        • Week 4 Review and Q&A
        • Eating Out and Cooking
        • Shopping for Bodyfat Reduction
        • Week 5 Goals
      • Week 6
        • Week 5 Review and Q&A
        • Keeping it off: plans for the long term
        • Long term goals and plans
  • Monthly Individual Nutrition Plans: Our instructors will develop nutrition plans to fuel your workouts and keep hunger at bay.  Each plan is individually customized based on your nutrition needs and food preferences
  • Monthly Individual Exercise Plans: Our physiologist will develop a customized exercise program to increase fat burning, raise your metabolism, and get you lean.
  • Individual Coaching Sessions: Meet with our instructors, in person or by phone, to discuss your needs, monitor progress, and keep you motivated and moving in the right direction.
  • One Day Seminars ($125): We hold seminars around the country (see events calendar).  Our program developers will provide nine forty-five minute presentations (see below)
  • Monthly Coaching ($250 or $400 per month): Our specialists will provide nutrition and exercise programs and the guidance you need to be successful.  Write us at Info@LeanForALifetime.com for details.

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