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Our Philosophies

  • Strategies derived from the “Calories In / Calories Out” paradigm do NOT work.
    • They only offer acute solutions to chronic problems
    • They assume that many dynamic aspects of physiology are static
    • Measure Up
    • You can almost always guarantee weight regain
    • They're basis of multi-billion dollar weight-loss industry that fails the majority of its clients.
    • Did you know: The Average weight regain after Calories In / Calories Out weight loss is 120% of weight lost.
    • If Calories In / Calories Out strategies work to lose weight and keep it off, then you wouldn't be reading this!
  • Elevating, or at least maintaining, resting metabolic rate while losing bodyfat is critical.
    • If you use a strategy to lose weight at the cost of reducing your metabolic rate then you will gain the weight back.
    • People who exercise properly burn more calories and more fat, even while they are sitting on the couch watching TV.
  • Long term bodyfat reduction requires making chronic changes on how our bodies store and burn fuel.
    • Maintaining your lean self after you lose bodyfat is the goal.
      To make sure that happens, you need to:
    • Permanently increase your resting metabolic rate
    • Train your body to burn more fat at rest as well as during activity and exercise
    • Teach your body to store calories in the muscles as carbohydrate instead of in the fat cells
  • Deprivation is neither necessary nor effective
    • Did you know: that Not eating makes you fat
    • Low Carb, Low Protein Diets don't work: depleting your body of protein or carbohydrate will not help you lose FAT
    • Food should taste good and eating should be pleasurable.
    • Eat to fuel your muscle cells but not your fat cells.

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